English Children's Party

 Tornado Animazione is specialized in the entertainment of children aged 2 to 12 in birthday parties and corporate events!

children's party roma animazione per bambini in inglese

The entertainers will arrive at your place 30 minutes before the start of the party and the arrival of the guests to proceed with the preparation of the equipment that consists of:


- Professional Speaker with support

- Professional microphones

- Games for the party
- Electric compressor for balloons

- Tablecloths for outfitting

The structure of Basic Pack is as follows:


  • Tattoos (body painting): The animators will welcome the children with a fantastic tattoo made by hand with professional water colors! The tattoo moment is not only amusing, but it's the moment in which the relationship is established with the children ... important for the whole duration of the party!
  • Introductory and static games: To break the ice with childrens, wait for the last latecomers, compact the group and win the attention and sympathy of the children right away!
  • Dynamic games: The animators will unleash and entertain the children with our vast repertoire of musical games. The animator is not a teacher! The animator is the best friend of every child, and has only one mission: their fun!
  • Muppet show (or pignatta): children will have a snack entertained by a fun show, carefully selected according to the age of children.
  • Baby dance and group dances: Our animators are obviously also dancers! Our repertoire includes the latest hits of the moment and the classic insurmountable group dances.
  • Gift wrap: the time to discard the card, flatten the bow and anything else is accompanied by the assistance of the animators that allows you to open the gifts with order. The animators will put each gift in the respective envelope along with any receipts and notes.
  • Assistance to cut the cake with the background music 'Happy Birthday' and the magic moment to turn off the candles.